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Table 1 Morphological comparisons of Gelidocalamus fengkaiensis and G. stellatus

From: Gelidocalamus fengkaiensis (Poaceae: Bambusoideae), a new bamboo species from Guangdong, China, with an analysis of branch development in relation to flowering

Characters G. fengkaiensis G. stellatus
Foliage leaf size (cm) 15–29 × 4–6 12–17 × 1.3–2.2
Foliage leaf indumentum Glabrous Abaxially pubescent near midrib
Culm sheath margins One margin densely ciliate, the other glabrous or apically ciliate Glabrous
Culm sheath ligule Pubescent Glabrous
Mid-culm branches 3–5 7–12
Lemma apex Mucronate Aristulate
Palea apex Acute Bifid
Palea indumentum Pubescent at the upper half between keels Glabrous