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Table 1 Four types of mating systems and their taxonomy in “VxAf” (Volvox africanus and V. reticuliferus)

From: Morphology, mating system and taxonomy of Volvox africanus (Volvocaceae, Chlorophyceae) from Thailand

Mating system (Abbreviation) Heterothallic mating system (Hetero) Homothallic mating system I (Homo I) Homothallic mating system II (Homo II) Homothallic mating system III (Homo III)
Sexual spheroids produced Male and female spheroids by different genotypes Male and bisexual spheroids by a single genotype Male and female spheroids by a single genotype Bisexual spheroids
Individual sheaths of the spheroid matrix Confluent or indistinct Distinct Distinct
Zygote walls Reticulate Smooth Smooth
Volvox species classified V. reticuliferus V. africanus V. africanus V. africanus
Strains [origins] analyzed in this study (Figs. 3, 4) NIES-3781, NIES-3782, NIES-3783 [Lake Biwa, Japan]; UTEX 1890–1891 [Small pond, Australia] NIES-3780 [Lake Biwa, Japan], UTEX 1893 [Dry pond, India] 1101-NK-1 (= NIES-4467), 1101-NZ-11 (= NIES-4468) [Marsh, Thailand]; UTEX 1889 [Shallow pond, USA] UTEX 1892 [Ecca Pass, South Africa]
References Starr (1971), Nozaki et al. (2015a) Starr (1971), Nozaki et al. (2015a) Starr (1971), the present study Starr (1971)
  1. UTEX 1893, 1889 and 1892 have been deceased and lack information of individual sheaths and zygote morphology (Nozaki et al. 2015a)