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Table 2 1 H nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) data of the antimicrobial fractions: 1 H NMR data obtained in methanol-d (CD 3 OD) at 500 MHz from the antimicrobial fractions (a) S14–2 (stearidonic acid) and (b) S14–3 (gamma-linolenic acid) from reverse-phase, high-performance liquid chromatographic separation

From: Antimicrobial activities of stearidonic and gamma-linolenic acids from the green seaweed Enteromorpha linza against several oral pathogenic bacteria

(a) (b)
  1H Peak label on 1H-NMR spectrum   1H Peak label on 1H-NMR spectrum
C1 - - C1 - -
C2 2.27, t, 2H e C2 2.24–2.26, t, 2H e
C3 1.61, m, 2H c C3 1.57–1.60, m, 2H c
C4 1.41, m, 2H b C4 1.32, m, 2H b
C5 2.08–2.10, m, 2H d C5 2.04–2.09, m, 2H d
C6 5.34–5.36, m, 1H g C6 5.32–5.34, m, 1H g
C7 5.34–5.36, m, 1H g C7 5.32–5.34, m, 1H g
C8 2.81–2.83, m, 2H f C8 2.78–2.84, m, 2H f
C9 5.34–5.36, m, 1H g C9 5.32–5.34, m, 1H g
C10 5.34–5.36, m, 1H g C10 5.32–5.34, m, 1H g
C11 2.81–2.83, m, 2H f C11 2.78–2.84, m, 2H f
C12 5.34–5.36, m, 1H g C12 5.32–5.34, m, 1H g
C13 5.34–5.36, m, 1H g C13 5.32–5.34, m, 1H g
C14 2.81–2.83, m, 2H f C14 2.04–2.09, m, 2H d
C15 5.34–5.36, m, 1H g C15 1.32, m, 2H b
C16 5.34–5.36, m, 1H g C16 1.32, m, 2H b
C17 2.08–2.10, m, 2H d C17 1.32, m, 2H b
C18 0.97, t, 3H a C18 0.96, t, 3H a