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Table 1 Comparison of Begonia longgangensis with B. liuyanii

From: Novelties in Begonia sect. Coelocentrum: B. longgangensis and B. ferox from limestone areas in Guangxi, China

  Begonia longgangensis(Figures1 and2) Begonia liuyanii(Peng et al., 2005: Figures1 and2)
Rhizomes Rhizomatous initially, becoming stoloniferous with internodes 8-13(-17) cm long Rhizomes congested, internodes 0.8-1.3 cm long
Stipules Ovate-triangular, abaxially villous along midrib; margin entire; persist but eventually deciduous Narrowly triangular, abaxially lanulose-villous; margin ciliate; caducous
Leaf blade   
 Size (cm) 14.5-18 × 10.5-14.5 23-38 × 16-32
 Adaxial surface Sparsely reddish-scabridulous and with minute processes Sparsely setose
 Abaxial surface Tomentose on veins Lanuginous, particularly pronounced on veins
Inflorescence Dichasial cymes Thyrsoid (cymose in weakly developed inflorescence)
 Peduncle Glabrous Glandular-hispid
 Outer tepals Pinkish; abaxial surface glabrous Greenish yellow or tinged reddish; abaxial surface sparsely red glandular-hispid
 Ovary Reddish; glabrous Reddish; red glandular-hispid