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Table 2 Sex expression of sibling groups (Self: progeny derived from selfing, Cross_H: progeny from outcrossing with another hermaphrodite and Cross_M: progeny from outcrossing with a male) in Salix subfragilis

From: Sex expression and inbreeding depression in progeny derived from an extraordinary hermaphrodite of Salix subfragilis

Sex    Sibling group
  Sub-category Self Cross_H Cross_M
Female (F) 27    3    9   
Male (M)   17    16    8   
Hermaphrodite (H) 66    12    7   
  Only F and M years   1    1    0  
  Only F and H years   8    1    1  
   Biased to F years    2    1    0
   Biased to H years    6    0    1
  Only M and H years   39    8    5  
   Biased to M years   15    3    4
   Biased to H years    24    5    1
  Only H years   18    2    1  
Total   110    31    24   
  1. In hermaphroditic expression, category and sub-category are recognized based on the frequency of sex expression in 2- to 6-year-old progeny. In hermaphrodites, for example, sub-category "only F and M years" means that there are both years when female expression was observed and years when male expression was observed. In "only F and H years", for example, "biased to F years" means that number of years when female expression was observed are more than that when hermaphroditic expression was observed.