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Table 5 Effect of mycelium extract of Humicola phialophoroides KVF-2 B6 on germination of zoospores of Phytophthora capsici on glass slides or pepper leaves a

From: Multiple resistance-activating substances produced by Humicola phialophoroides isolated from soil for control of Phytophthora blight of pepper

Treatment Germination (%) Germ tubes length (μm/6 h)
On glass slide   
Mycelium extract 93 a 182 c
Water (control) 87 a 84 d
On pepper leaf   
Mycelium extract 92 a 255 a
Water (control) 70 b 208 b
  1. aValues followed by the same letter in the same column are not significantly different using Fisher’s least significant difference test at P = 0.05.