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Table 1 Comparison of Begonia longa C.-I Peng & W.C. Leong and B. brevipedunculata Y.M. Shui

From: Two new species of Begonia sect. Coelocentrum, B. guixiensis and B. longa, from Sino-Vietnamese limestone karsts

  Begonia longa Begonia brevipedunculata
Rhizome and habit Elongate to 50 cm long, internodes 1–5 cm long Short, ca. 2.5 cm long, leaves caespitose
Petioles (2–)5–14 cm long 17–24 cm long
Leaves (4–)6–16 cm long, (2.5–)3.5–8 cm wide 15–19 cm long, 7–10 cm wide
Indumentum on leaf abaxial surface Villous along veins Densely clothed with clavate glandular hairs
Peduncle 13-25 cm long Very short, 2–4 cm long
Ovarian locules 3 2