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Table 10 Average of linear growth of heterokaryotic parent, homokaryon A and variants of Rhizoctonia solani AG1-IC isolate CH-1 on PDA or V-8 agar

From: A new variant produced by Rhizoctonia solani AG1-IC isolate CH-1 with a new type of nuclei

Isolates Linear growth*(mm/36 h)
PDA V-8 agar
Heterokaryotic parent 51 ± 2 a 43 ± 1 a
Homokaryon A 35 ± 3 b 13 ± 2 c
Variant 19 ± 3 c 21 ± 3 b
  1. *Data ± standard deviations represents the means of nine replicates. Values followed by the same letter in the same column are not significantly different using Tukey’s significant difference test at P = 0.05.