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Table 2 Correlation between photosynthetic variables and environmental factors in Swietenia macrophylla and Melia azedarach during the dry and wet seasons

From: Photosynthetic gas exchange responses of Swietenia macrophylla King and Melia azedarach L. plantations under drought conditions

  Environmental factorsa CO2
g s C i E VPDa VPDl T a T 1 PPFD
Dry season
P N ns/ns −**/−** ns/ns ns/ns ns/+* ns/ns −*/ns ns/+** ns/ns
g s   ns/+** +**/+** ns/ns ns/−** ns/ns ns/ns ns/ns ns/+*
C i    ns/ns ns/−* ns/−** ns/ns ns/ns ns/−** ns/+**
E     ns/ns ns/ns ns/ns ns/+* ns/ns ns/ns
Wet season
P N +**/ns ns/−* +**/ns ns/ns ns/ns −**/ns −**/ns ns/ns ns/ns
g s   ns/+** +**/+** ns/−** ns/−** ns/ns −*/+* ns/ns ns/ns
C i    ns/+* ns/−** ns/−** ns/ns ns/+* ns/−** ns/ns
E     ns/ns ns/ns ns/+** ns/+** ns/ns ns/−**
  1. + and − symbols represent positive and negative correlation, respectively
  2. ns indicates no significant correlation
  3. *,** Indicate significance at P < 0.05 and P < 0.01, respectively. N = 18
  4. a g s (stomatal conductance), C i (intercellular CO2 concentration), E (transpiration rate), VPDa (air vapor pressure deficit), VPDl (leaf-air vapor pressure deficit), T a (air temperature), T l (leaf temperature), PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density), CO2 (ambient CO2 concentration), S. macrophylla/M. azedarach