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Table 2 Floral characters and known flowering period compared for three Sapria species

From: Identification, sexual dimorphism and aspects of the natural history of Sapria himalayana (Rafflesiaceae) on Vietnam’s Lang Biang Plateau

SpeciesSapria himalayanaSapria poilaneiSapria ram
Flower diameter95–20065–12055–110
Ramenta long (mm)Up to 101–3(5)5–5.5
Lobes colourBlood-redWine-redWine-red
Dotted warts colourYellow (or white)White (sometimes pale pink)White (sometimes pale pink)
Aperture diameter (mm)18–3715–2513–29
Female disk shapeBowl-shapedBowl-shapedPan-shaped
Female disk’s crest diameter (mm)35–399–1822–28
Male disk shapeBowl-shapedCup-shapedCup-shaped
Male disk’s crest diameter (mm)23–3312–15.514–18
Flowering periodNovember–FebruaryNovember–MarchNovember–March