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Table 1 Number of observed and expected plants for foliage color with corresponding Chi square and P values, where \({\upchi^2}_{0.05,1} =3.84\)

From: Inheritance of foliage color of common rosemallow (Hibiscus moscheutos (L.)) subspecific hybrids

Parent(s)GenerationPlants observed (no.)Expected ratioPlants expected (no.)χ2P
Red (rating: 2–5)Green (rating: 1)Red:Green (rating: 2–5:1)Red (rating: 2–5)Green (rating: 1)
R1 × GF2151413:1144481.3610.243
R2 × GF2180583:1179600.0500.823
R1S1 from P ♀5301:0530
R2S1 from P ♀17801:01780
GS1 from P ♂62440:102500.1440.704
F2-R1S1 from F213501:01350
F2-R2S1 from F211821:012000.0330.856