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Table 1 Summary of the sequencing and assembly of six H. erinaceus strain samples

From: Comparative transcriptome analysis reveals the genetic basis underlying the biosynthesis of polysaccharides in Hericium erinaceus

Sequencing indexHT-4903GT-06CC-02PZH-05TJH-03TD-04
Total number of clean reads28,172,19244,081,11524,313,27421,587,82022,681,71546,117,401
Total number of clean bases (Gb)8.3213.067.156.366.6713.52
GC content (%)56.7756.6256.515756.1353.36
Q30 content (%)97.2197.0797.2496.7797.1397.28
Total number of transcripts36,94540,14136,06525,90547,29440,590
N50 value of transcript (bp)257922202470294619911990
Total bases of transcript (Mb)58.1455.2455.5146.5853.1147.69
Total number of unigene22,61824,91522,28420,90237,25928,640
Median length of unigene (bp)5494985741012450438
N50 value of unigene (bp)219519442111243116681708
Total bases of unigene (Mb)26,1325,6625,473133,5425,82