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Table 3 Analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) for Begonia luzhaiensis based on EST-SSR loci and trnC-ycf6 spacer sequence (cpDNA)

From: Phylogeography of Begonia luzhaiensis suggests both natural and anthropogenic causes for the marked population genetic structure

Source of variationEST-SSRcpDNA
d.f.Sum of squaresVariance componentsFixation indicesPercentage of variationd.f.Sum of squaresVariance componentsFixation indicesPercentage of variation
(a) Non-grouping
 Among populations2196.280.932 56.288*265.360.782 63.46**
 Within populations321232.250.724Fst = 0.56343.72**12857.660.450Fst = 0.63536.54**
 Total323429.531.656  130123.021.232  
(b) Groupinga
 Among groups2196.280.798Fct = 0.48348.32**265.360.563Fct = 0.45744.73**
 Among populations within groups981.320.369Fsc = 0.43322.38**1354.260.640Fsc = 0.95651.89**
 Within populations312150.940.484Fst = 0.70729.30*1163.400.029Fst = 0.9762.38**
 Total323428.531.651  130123.021.233  
  1. Fst: fixation index within population; Fsc: fixation index among populations within groups; Fct: fixation index among groups
  2. * P < 0.05, ** P < 0.001
  3. aGrouping based on Structure and PCoA’s results