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TableĀ 1 One-sample t test in seed weight (g/1000 grain), seed set (%), percentage of carpels for seed set, number of seeds/fruit, fruit set (%) and number of seeds/carpel in P. decomposita

From: Inbreeding and inbreeding depression of Paeonia decomposita (Paeoniaceae), a threatened endemic plant to China

TraitsTdfSig. (2-tailed)Mean difference95% confidence interval of the difference
Seed weight (g/1000 grain)4.25970.004242.9088108.0373377.7802
Seed set (%)2.94270.02213.05632.562223.5503
Percentage of carpels for seed set3.57570.00949.355016.713181.9969
Number of seeds/fruit3.41670.0117.65002.354012.9460
Fruit set (%)4.08770.00559.682525.149794.2153
Number of seeds/carpel3.99170.0052.65381.08154.2260