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Table 3 Correlation analysis among seed weight (g/1000 grain), seed set, percentage of carpels for seed set, number of seeds/fruit, fruit set, number of seeds/carpel in P. decomposita

From: Inbreeding and inbreeding depression of Paeonia decomposita (Paeoniaceae), a threatened endemic plant to China

indexSeed weight (g/1000 grain)Seed set (%)Percentage of carpels for seed setNumber of seeds/fruitFruit set (%)Number of seeds/carpel
Seed weight (g/1000 grain)     
Seed set (%)0.624    
Percentage of carpels for seed set0.784a0.971b   
Number of seeds/fruit0.769a0.972b0.988b  
Fruit set (%)0.880b0.911b0.975b0.963b 
Number of seeds/carpel0.743a0.868b0.893b0.881b0.936b
  1. aSignificant correlation at the 0.05 level
  2. bExtremely significant correlation at the 0.01 level