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Table 3 Comparison of the seedling survival rates (%) of each rice variety under various high temperature treatments

From: Thermotolerance evaluation of Taiwan Japonica type rice cultivars at the seedling stage

45 °C48 °C50 °C48 °C50 °C
CNG24216.67 hijkla6.25 de10.00 cdefg100.00 a36.67 gijk
HC5659.17 b20.83 bcd7.50 efg100.00 a57.50 de
HL2116.67 hijkl16.66 bcde20.00 bc100.00 a57.50 de
KH13913.19 jklm4.17 de5.00 fg100.00 a32.50 ijk
KH14522.22 ghijkl4.17 de12.50 cdef83.33 c46.67 fghij
Koshihikari37.50 cdef25.00 abcd2.50 g100.00 a42.50 fghij
Koshiibuki34.09 defgh0.00 e2.50 g93.75 a25.00 kl
TC6537.50 cdefg8.33 de5.00 fg97.92 a42.00 ghij
TC19250.00 bcd5.56 de5.00 fg100.00 a42.50 fghij
TK250.00 bcd0.00 e0.00 g100.00 a75.00 b
TK420.83 hijkl4.16 de15.00 bcde95.83 a60.00 cd
TK825.00 ghijk11.11 cde5.00 fg100.00 a52.50 defg
TK95.56 lm0.00 e20.00 bcd100.00 a55.00 def
TK1416.67 hijkl16.67 bcde22.50 bcd100.00 a72.50 bc
TK1630.83 efghi5.56 de22.50 b100.00 a45.00 efghi
TK1734.09 defgh16.67 bcde5.00 fg100.00 a57.50 de
TN181.67 a0.00 e2.50 g100.00 a40.00 ghij
TN551.79 bc20.83 bcd10.00 cdefg95.83 a37.50 hijk
TN1136.11 cdefgh17.50 bcde15.00 bcde91.67 abc52.50 defg
TNG6728.12 fghij0.00 e2.50 g100.00 a46.67 defgh
TNG7033.33 defgh4.17 de10.00 cdefg91.67 abc92.50 a
TNG7115.97 ijklm5.56 de3.33 fg95.83 a30.00 jkl
TT3045.83 bcde25.00 a35.00 a91.67 abc65.00 de
Giza 17840.83 cdef8.33 de0.00 g100.00 a40.00 ghij
N2212.50 klm0.00 e10.00 defg85.00 bc15.00 l
TCS1080.16 a15.42 cde0.00 g97.20 ab47.50 defgh
TCS19727.78 fghijk8.33 de12.50 cdef93.33 ab37.50 hijk
  1. aMeans separation within columns by Fisher’s LSD test at P < 0.05