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Table 4 Influence of HT and TIR treatments on the shoot RGR (%) of the rice varieties

From: Thermotolerance evaluation of Taiwan Japonica type rice cultivars at the seedling stage

48 °C50 °C48 °C50 °C
CNG2425.09 bca4.83 abc37.94 defg16.79 abcde
HC5614.49 a3.33 bc87.14 a14.97 abcdef
HL210.77 c6.39 abc29.80 fg21.54 a
KH1394.50 bc4.61 abc63.09 bc14.86 abcdef
KH1455.03 bc3.60 bc21.71 g4.89 ij
Koshihikari6.21 bc3.92 bc53.76 bcde9.28 efghi
Koshiibuki2.41 c2.38 c39.57 cdefg5.74 hi
TC654.07 bc2.36 c31.68 efg10.77 defghi
TC19217.05 a3.10 bc41.80 cdefg10.95 defghi
TK23.04 bc5.12 abc20.80 g16.06 abcdef
TK41.79 c4.02 abc22.59 g7.18 hi
TK86.35 bc4.99 abc50.97 bcdef20.57 ab
TK92.18 c3.10 bc45.96 bcdefg11.93 cdefgh
TK147.72 bc3.43 bc83.42 ab16.55 abcde
TK160.00 c4.05 abc71.87 ab13.84 bcdefg
TK171.95 c4.23 abc40.93 cdefg7.83 fghi
TN56.32 bc3.96 abc28.92 fg7.18 ghi
TN114.57 bc6.06 abc51.89 bcde12.13 cdefgh
TNG671.26 c4.50 abc60.71 bcd17.33 abcd
TNG701.72 c3.00 c51.31 bcdef19.19 abc
TNG718.12 abc7.12 ab53.33 bcde10.95 cdefghi
TT304.50 bc8.95 a59.88 bcd11.44 cdefghi
Giza 1783.92 bc3.52 bc47.77 bcdefg8.79 fghi
N222.24 c3.23 bc13.61 g7.78 fghi
TCS103.67 bc2.18 c28.77 fg10.16 defghi
TCS19711.19 ab3.80 bc78.74 ab8.22 fghi
TN13.19 bc3.43 bc25.08 fg8.85 fghi
  1. aMeans separation within columns by Fisher’s LSD test at P < 0.05