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Table 3 Effects of different salt and sucrose concentrations on growth parameters of 1 month old in vitro seedlings of F. cirrhosa

From: In vitro propagation of bulblets and LC–MS/MS analysis of isosteroidal alkaloids in tissue culture derived materials of Chinese medicinal herb Fritillaria cirrhosa D. Don

MSBM strengthaSucrose conc. (%)No. of seedlings inoculatedSurvival (%)Seedlings with bulblet formation (%)Seedlings with callus formation (%)
1/2 X0.54372.167.44.7
1/2 X15152.952.90.0
1/2 X1.52560.044.024.0
1/2 X24772.368.112.8
1/2 X2.53591.491.417.1
1/2 X32475.075.04.2
1 X0.53056.753.36.7
1 X13969.269.27.7
1 X1.54156.156.112.2
1 X22934.531.06.9
1 X2.53265.662.56.3
1 X38951.749.411.24
  1. aMS salts and vitamins (MSBM) were supplemented with 0.4% GPP. Seedlings were incubated at 20 ℃. Data were recorded after 3 months of culture