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Table 1 Comparison of Begonia larvata with B. locii and B. pengii

From: Six new species of Begonia from Guangxi, China

  Begonia larvata B. locii (Peng et al. 2015) B. pengii (Ku et al. 2008)
Attachment Basifixed Basifixed Peltate
Stipule Triangular-ovate, glabrous, margin entire or sparsely ciliate-dentate Triangular-ovate, abaxially sparsely velutinous along midrib, margin entire or sparsely ciliate-dentate Narrowly triangular-ovate, glabrous, margin eciliate
 Margin Entire and glandular Denticulate and glandular Denticulate and ciliate
 Peduncle Glabrous Tomentose to glabrous Pilose or hispid-villous
 Tepals color Yellowish green with red veins White to pinkish Pinkish or white
♂ Flower
 Androecium Actinomorphic Zygomorphic Zygomorphic
 Stamen numbers 65–80 35–60 30–75
♀ Flower
 Ovary Glabrous Hirsute Pilose or villous-pilose
 Body size (mm) 8–13 × 4–5 10–15 × 4–5 18–25 × 6–13
 Width of lateral wings (mm) ca. 4 4–6 2–3
 Width of abaxial wing (mm) ca. 5 6–7 7–11
 Tepals Persistent Caducous Caducous