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Table 2 Comparison of Begonia longiornithophylla with B. ornithophylla and B. auritistipula

From: Six new species of Begonia from Guangxi, China

  Begonia longiornithophylla B. ornithophylla B. auritistipula
Rhizome Elongated, 6–12 mm thick, internodes 3–9 cm long, densely villous Not elongated, 5–12 mm thick, internodes 0.6–1.5 cm long, glabrous Elongated, 3–6 mm thick, internodes 2–6 cm long, sparesly hirsute-villous
Stipule Red, boat-shaped, strongly keeled, villous along midrib, margin ciliate Yellow-green with reddish veins, triangular, keeled, sparsely villous along midrib, margin entire Yellow-green with reddish veins, broadly ovate, base obliquely auriculate, margin entire
Petiole Villous to tomentose Villous to tomentose Reflexed hirsute
 Adaxial surface Scabrid and glandular punctate Scabrid and glandular punctate Setulose
 Abaxial surface Red-scabrous on veins Villous on veins Hirsute-pilose on veins
 Texture Subcoriaceous Subcoriaceous Papery
 Margin Crenulate and ciliate Coarsely serrate or subentire Serrulate and ciliate
 Maculation Lacking Lacking Brownish between primary veins
 Peduncle Glandular-pilose Pilose Glabrous
 Abaxial surface of outer tepals Red-pilose Glabrous or nearly so Glabrous or nearly so