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Table 3 Awn-associated SNPs identified within WR panel

From: Explore the genetics of weedy traits using rice 3K database

SNP P.value No. Gene ± 100 kb Candidate genes Annotation
S1_2958149 1.65E−06 42 Os01g0155000 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold-3 domain containing protein
S1_38916854 2.89E−09 34 Os01g0895200 DOMON related domain containing protein
S4_21610862 4.36E−07 27 Os04g0434600 Similar to OSIGBa0102D10.3 protein
S5_6339023 3.68E−08 20   
S6_4425573 1.67E−06 31 Os06g0187700 Conserved hypothetical protein
  1. Markers were named based on their genomic position on the reference sequence (cv Nipponbarre, IRGSP v1) for S[chromosome]_[bp position on the chromosome]. When the trait-associated SNP fell into an annotated gene, the gene name was indicated in the column of “Candidate gene”. Annotation was from RAP-DB