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Table 3 Interaction effect of osmotic stress with variety, osmotic stress with arbuscular mycorrhiza, arbuscular mycorrhiza with variety, and main effect of osmotic stress, arbuscular mycorrhiza on micro nutrients uptake of shoot and root of chamomile

From: Biochemical response and nutrient uptake of two arbuscular mycorrhiza-inoculated chamomile varieties under different osmotic stresses

     Shoot concentration Root concentration
   Traetments Zn (−1 DW) Mn (−1 DW) Cu (−1 DW) Fe (−1 DW) Zn (−1 DW) Mn (−1 DW) Cu (−1 DW)
Two-way interactions O × Var Control Bod 94.7e 74.6a 74.7 53.4a 182.2b 64.1b 64.6b
PEG-0.4 Bod 227.5b 66.9b 60.3 36.6c 73.4e 53.4d 55.9d
PEG-0.8 Bod 142.5c 47.8c 49.7 19.7e 92.5d 40.0e 34.0e
Control Sor 102.5d 78.1a 78.8 53.4a 188.4a 68.1a 67.1a
PEG-0.4 Sor 238.4a 80.6a 70.3 40.9b 77.2e 55.6c 61.5c
PEG-0.8 Sor 143.1c 48.1c 51.6 21.9d 116.3c 39.4e 35.0e
O × AM Control Am +  110.0e 83.6a 84.4a 55.9a 192.8a 74.1a 71.6a
PEG-0.4 Am +  237.8a 83.4a 73.8b 43.4c 84.4e 57.5b 63.4b
PEG-0.8 Am +  155.6c 55.6c 57.5c 22.8e 114.4c 46.9d 40.0e
Control Am- 87.2f 69.1b 69.1b 50.9b 177.8b 58.1b 60.3c
PEG-0.4 Am- 228.1b 64.1b 56.9c 34.1d 66.3f 51.6c 54.1d
PEG-0.8 Am- 130.0d 40.3d 43.8d 18.8f 94.4d 32.5e 29.1f
AM × Var Am +  Bod 162.9b 68.9b 67.5b 39.6b 125.2b 57.7b 56.7b
Am− Bod 146.9c 57.3c 55.6c 33.5d 106.9d 47.3c 46.5d
Am +  Sor 172.7a 79.6a 76.3a 41.9a 135.8a 61.3a 60.0a
Am− Sor 150.0c 58.3c 57.5c 35.6c 118.8c 47.5c 49.2c
Main effects O Control 98.6c 76.4a 76.7a 53.4a 185.3a 66.1a 65.9a
PEG-0.4 233.0a 73.8a 65.3b 38.8b 75.3c 54.5b 58.8b
PEG-0.8 142.8b 48.0b 50.6c 20.8c 104.4b 39.7c 34.5c
AM AM + 
167.8a 74.2a 71.9a 40.7a 130.5a 59.5a 58.3a
148.4b 57.8b 56.6b 34.6b 112.8b 47.4b 47.8b