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Correction to: Seed viability testing for research and conservation of epiphytic and terrestrial orchids

The Original Article was published on 10 February 2022

Correction to: Botanical Studies (2022) 63:3

In the publication of this article (Pradhan et al. 2022), there was an error in the current (3rd) affiliation for Francesco Martini. The error: “7Present Address: Center for Interdisciplinary Research On Ecology and Sustainability, National Dong Hwa University, Hualien 97401, Hualien, Taiwan.” Instead his address is: “7Present Address: Faculty of Forest and Wood Sciences, Department of Forest Ecology, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Prague, Czech Republic.”

The publication did not contain the following information about the data availability and the ORCID ids of the six authors:

Availability of data and materials

Data are available at Figshare Digital Repository:

The ORCID ids for the following authors are:

  • Namrata Pradhan: 0000-0001-9171-8867

  • Xuli Fan: 0000-0002-8194-3064

  • Francesco Martini: 0000-0003-0806-3930

  • Huayang Chen: 0000-0003-4689-812X

  • Hong Liu: 0000-0002-7814-5512

  • Jiangyun Gao: 0000-0003-1541-5922

The original article (Pradhan et al. 2022) has been corrected.


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