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Reproductive biology

  1. Vanilla planifolia is the most widely cultivated species of vanilla with high economic importance. However, seed germination under artificial conditions is difficult and yields low germination percentages. The se...

    Authors: Jan Šoch, Josef Šonka and Jan Ponert
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2023 64:9
  2. Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) is one of the most important forage crops, but its seed productivity varies from year to year due to weather conditions. Alfalfa is a forage crop rich in nutrients which makes it valu...

    Authors: Igor Kuznetsov, Ilgiz Asylbaev, Alexey Dmitriev, Asiya Nizaeva and Anvar Shakirzyanov
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2022 63:31
  3. Cypripedium subtropicum is a unique, endangered lady’s slipper orchid with evergreen leaves on non-dormant shoots that is native to southwestern China. This study documents the major developmental events in C. su...

    Authors: Holger Perner, Rong Zhou, Wenqing Perner, Hong Jiang and Yung-I. Lee
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2022 63:28
  4. Rice (Oryza sativa) is one of the main crops in the world, and more than 3.9 billion people will consume rice by 2025. Sterility significantly affects rice production and leads to yield defects. The undeveloped a...

    Authors: Chia-Ling Chang, Jerry C. Serapion, Han-Hui Hung, Yan-Cheng Lin, Yuan-Ching Tsai, Wann-Neng Jane, Men-Chi Chang, Ming-Hsin Lai and Yue-ie C. Hsing
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2019 60:12
  5. Anoectochilus roxburghii is known for its medicinal properties, culinary interests, and ornamental applications in Asian countries. Recent studies focus mainly on its phytochemical properties and little is known ...

    Authors: Yuan-Yuan Li, Zhi-Xia Meng, Ying Zhang, Shun-Xing Guo and Yung-I Lee
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2019 60:6
  6. Tolumnia genus (equitant Oncidium) is a group of small orchids with vivid flower color. Thousands of hybrids have been registered on Royal Horticulture Society and showed great potential for ornamental plant mark...

    Authors: Hui-Ju Shen, Jen-Tsung Chen, Hsiao-Hang Chung and Wei-Chin Chang
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2018 59:4
  7. This perspective draws attention to the functional organization of orchid seed and protocorm during the course of development. The orchid embryos have a well-organized developmental plan generating a blue-prin...

    Authors: Edward C. Yeung
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2017 58:33
  8. Gastrodia elata, a famous herbal medicine, has been received great attention on its treatments of headache, vertigo and epilepsy. Gastrodia nantoensis is a newly described species from...

    Authors: Yuan-Yuan Li, Xiao-Mei Chen, Shun-Xing Guo and Yung-I Lee
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2016 57:18
  9. Psychotria cephalophora Merr. (Rubiaceae), a shrub in oceanic islands of Taiwan and the Philippines, appears to be distylous, but distyly is usually rare on oceanic islands. To elucidate the functional breeding s...

    Authors: Kenta Watanabe, T Y Aleck Yang, Chihiro Nishihara, Tai-Liang Huang, Koh Nakamura, Ching-I Peng and Takashi Sugawara
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2015 56:10
  10. The inflorescences of the genus Vigna Savi have extrafloral nectaries (EFNs) among the flowers whose origin is still unknown. The disposition, anatomy and morphology, as well as the ontogeny of the extrafloral ne...

    Authors: Fabiana Soledad Ojeda, Patricia Susana Hoc, Beatriz Gloria Galati and Maria Teresa Amela García
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2014 55:74
  11. For successful cultivation and conservation of plants a detailed knowledge of their reproductive biology is required. The reproductive features of trees are important to determine the diversity patterns and co...

    Authors: Krishna Kumar Gopalakrishnan and Thuruthiyil Dennis Thomas
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2014 55:15
  12. Tetracentron sinense Oliv. is an endangered tree mainly distributed in south-central China. The breeding system and pollination ecology of T. sinense are unclear. With a conservation perspective, the floral biolo...

    Authors: Xiaohong Gan, Lingling Cao, Xia Zhang and Huaichun Li
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2013 54:50
  13. The flowering phenology pattern of Atriplex halimus was studied in a Mediterranean habitat in order to analyze protandry effectiveness. Fruit set evolution was recorded over two years and the impact of pre-dis...

    Authors: Prado Romera, Francisca Fernández-Illescas, F Javier J Nieva, Pilar Rodríguez-Rubio, Enrique Sánchez-Gullón and Adolfo F Muñoz-Rodríguez
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2013 54:4

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