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  1. Swertia banzragczii and S. marginata are important medicinal species in Mongolia. However, their taxonomic positions and genetic backgrounds remain unknown. In this study, we explored the complete chloroplast gen...

    Authors: Dashzeveg Oyuntsetseg, Nudkhuu Nyamgerel, Shukherdorj Baasanmunkh, Batlai Oyuntsetseg, Magsar Urgamal, Jung Won Yoon, Gun-Aajav Bayarmaa and Hyeok Jae Choi
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2024 65:11
  2. Rice is a key global food crop. Rice lodging causes a reduction in plant height and crop yield, and rice is prone to lodging in the late growth stage because of panicle initiation. We used two water irrigation...

    Authors: Dong-Hong Wu, Chung-Tse Chen, Ming-Der Yang, Yi-Chien Wu, Chia-Yu Lin, Ming-Hsin Lai and Chin-Ying Yang
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2022 63:25
  3. Majority of the species within Senecioneae are classified in Senecio, making it the tribe’s largest genus. Certain intergeneric relationships within the tribe are vaguely defined, with the genus Senecio being par...

    Authors: Andrew Wanyoike Gichira, Sheila Avoga, Zhizhong Li, Guangwan Hu, Qingfeng Wang and Jinming Chen
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2019 60:17
  4. Most genera of Fagaceae are thought to have originated in the temperate regions except for the genus Lithocarpus, the stone oaks. Lithocarpus is distributed in subtropical and tropical Asia, and its ancestral pop...

    Authors: Chih-Kai Yang, Yu-Chung Chiang, Bing-Hong Huang, Li-Ping Ju and Pei-Chun Liao
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2018 59:27
  5. Analysis of phylogenetic relationship of 91 isolates of Phellinus noxius obtained from 46 plant species in Taiwan did not show distinct grouping based on ITS sequences.

    Authors: Jyh-Nong Tsai, Pao-Jen Ann, Ruey-Fen Liou, Wen-Hsui Hsieh and Wen-Hsiung Ko
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2017 58:9
  6. The species-rich genus Impatiens is mainly distributed throughout much of tropical Africa, India, southwest Asia, southern China and Japan. There are more than 270 species recorded in China, most of which are res...

    Authors: Yun-Hong Tan, Yan-Nan Liu, Hong Jiang, Xin-Xin Zhu, Wei Zhang and Sheng-Xiang Yu
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2015 56:29
  7. The picturesque limestone karsts across the Sino-Vietnamese border are renowned biodiversity hotspot, distinguished for extremely high endemism of calciphilous plants restricted to caves and cave-like microhab...

    Authors: Kuo-Fang Chung, Wai-Chao Leong, Rosario Rivera Rubite, Rimi Repin, Ruth Kiew, Yan Liu and Ching-I Peng
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2014 55:1

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