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  1. Xylaria is a diverse and ecologically important genus in the Ascomycota. This paper describes the xylariaceous fungi present in an Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest and investigates the decay potential of selected Xyl...

    Authors: Nickolas N. Rajtar, Joshua C. Kielsmeier-Cook, Benjamin W. Held, Cristina E. Toapanta-Alban, Maria E. Ordonez, Charles W. Barnes and Robert A. Blanchette
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2023 64:30
  2. The present study was conducted to explore the diversity pattern of spring vegetation under the influence of topographic and edaphic variables in sub-tropical zone, District Malakand. In the present vegetation...

    Authors: Hazrat Ali, Zahir Muhammad, Muhammad Majeed, Robina Aziz, Adam Khan, Wali Muhammad Mangrio, Hazem Ghassan Abdo, Hussein Almohamad and Ahmed Abdullah Al Dughairi
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2023 64:25
  3. Dendrometer bands have been proposed as an accurate method for measuring tree growth. However, the constrained observation window and the material used in them hamper long-term tree growth monitoring. This stu...

    Authors: Chih-Hsin Cheng, Pei-Chen Lee, Hong-Rue Lee, Chiou-Pin Chen and Oleg V. Menyailo
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2023 64:22
  4. The biodiversity of the mycobiota of soft cheese rinds such as Brie or Camembert has been extensively studied, but scant information is available on the fungi colonizing the rinds of cheese produced in the Sou...

    Authors: Sophie De Respinis, AnnaPaola Caminada, Elisa Pianta, Antoine Buetti-Dinh, Patrizia Riva Scettrini, Liliane Petrini, Mauro Tonolla and Orlando Petrini
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2023 64:6
  5. Previous investigations carried out in ultramafic habitats emphasized the greater importance of site conditions over soil toxic metal content for vegetation composition. Very little is known about the floristi...

    Authors: Gheorghe Coldea, Dan Gafta, Gavril Negrean, Adrian Ilie Stoica and Bogdan-Iuliu Hurdu
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2022 63:29

    The Correction to this article has been published in Botanical Studies 2022 63:32

  6. Host specificity among pollinator fig wasps (Agaonidae) depends on host plant specific volatile cues, but fig wasps must also pass through a narrow physical barrier (the ostiole) if they are to pollinate and o...

    Authors: Hui Yu, Zhiwei Zhang, Lu Liu, Yufen Cheng, Xiaoxia Deng, Simon T. Segar and Stephen G. Compton
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2022 63:7
  7. Against the background of a changing climate, the responses of functional traits of plateau wetland plants to increasing temperatures and CO2 concentrations need to be understood. Hydraulic traits are the key for...

    Authors: Yao Zhao, Mei Sun, Huijun Guo, Chunhui Feng, Zhenya Liu and Junping Xu
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2022 63:2
  8. Phosphorus (P) is the limiting nutrient in many mature tropical forests. The ecological significance of declining P stocks as soils age is exacerbated by much of the remaining P being progressively sequestered...

    Authors: Chih-Yu Chiu, Ian Baillie, Shih-Hao Jien, Liam Hallett and Stephen Hallett
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2021 62:20
  9. Based on world experience, first, a modern assessment of the flora is needed to develop strategies for the conservation of ecosystems of rare and endangered plant species. A regional and global biodiversity st...

    Authors: Serik A. Kubentayev, Moldir Zh. Zhumagul, Meruyert S. Kurmanbayeva, Daniar T. Alibekov, Jurii A. Kotukhov, Gulnara T. Sitpayeva, Saule K. Mukhtubayeva and Klara S. Izbastina
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2021 62:19
  10. Agricultural management and temporal change including climate conditions and soil properties can result in the alteration of soil enzymatic activity and bacterial community, respectively. Therefore, different ...

    Authors: Yu-Pei Chen, Chia-Fang Tsai, Asif Hameed, Yu-Jen Chang and Chiu-Chung Young
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2021 62:13
  11. By transporting and scarifying the seeds during ingestion, avian frugivores reduce the competition with siblings, and may improve the germination which is critical for dispersal effectiveness and population re...

    Authors: L. R. Vukeya, T. M. Mokotjomela, N. J. Malebo and S. Oke
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2021 62:10
  12. The soil quality and health of the tea plantations are dependent on agriculture management practices, and long-term chemical fertilizer use is implicated in soil decline. Hence, several sustainable practices a...

    Authors: Yu-Pei Chen, Chia-Fang Tsai, P. D. Rekha, Sudeep D. Ghate, Hsi-Yuan Huang, Yi-Han Hsu, Li-Ling Liaw and Chiu-Chung Young
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2021 62:8
  13. Seed dispersal allows plants to colonize new habitats that has an significant influence on plant distribution and population dynamics. Orchids produce numerous tiny seeds without endosperm, which are considere...

    Authors: Yu Zhang, Yuan-Yuan Li, Miaomiao Wang, Jia Liu, Fanqiang Luo and Yung-I Lee
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2021 62:3
  14. The dormancy of Adansonia digitata seeds is well known. For propagation purposes, plenty of germination tests were conducted, however, rarely taking the ecology of baobab into account. Our main goal, therefore, i...

    Authors: Thea Lautenschläger, Nele Teutloff, Markus Günther and Christoph Neinhuis
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2020 61:19
  15. The cropping area of genetically modified (GM) crops has constantly increased since 1996. However, currently, cultivating GM crops is associated with many concerns. Transgenes are transferred to non-GM crops t...

    Authors: Yuan-Chih Su, Po-Shung Wang, Jhih-Ling Yang, Hong Hong, Tzu-Kai Lin, Yuan-Kai Tu and Bo-Jein Kuo
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2020 61:17
  16. Hydraulically efficient xylem was evolved in the vascular plants as an apomorphy of the group. Main xylem components involved in water conduction are tracheid and vessel. Vessels, in which two ends are perfora...

    Authors: Swastika Laskar, Utsha Ghoshal and Kakali Sen
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2020 61:3
  17. Figs are key resources for tropical frugivores and display unique fruiting patterns. While monoecious figs support both seeds and wasp rearing, dioecious plants perform the tasks separately and produce seeded ...

    Authors: Yu-Ting Huang, Ya-Fu Lee, Yen-Min Kuo, Sing-Yi Chang and Chia-Ling Wu
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2019 60:27
  18. Encrustation and element content (Ca, Fe, K, Mg and P) of charophytes was studied along plant thalli to investigate the dependency of thallus age and site-specificity. Charophytes were collected from five samp...

    Authors: Anne Herbst and Hendrik Schubert
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2018 59:31
  19. Invasions by non-native plants contribute to loss of ecosystem biodiversity and productivity, modification of biogeochemical cycles, and inhibition of natural regeneration of native species. Japanese stiltgrass (

    Authors: Lela Z. Culpepper, Hsiao-Hsuan Wang, Tomasz E. Koralewski, William E. Grant and William E. Rogers
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2018 59:20
  20. Hemispherical photography (HP) is a popular method to estimate canopy structure and understorey light environment, which analyses photographs acquired with wide view-angle lens (i.e. fisheye lens). To increase...

    Authors: Guo-Zhang M. Song, Kuo-Jung Chao, David Doley and David Yates
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2018 59:19
  21. The thick and woody shell of the fruit of Adansonia species cannot be explained solely by adaptation to zoochory or hydrochory. Since the trunks of Adansonia possess a thick and fire-resistant bark and wildfires ...

    Authors: Andreas Kempe, Christoph Neinhuis and Thea Lautenschläger
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2018 59:7
  22. The environmental stresses caused by climate change have become more severe in recent decades, affecting tree growth and physiology. Tropical forests have great potential for global carbon sequestration. Howev...

    Authors: Hong-Chyi Jhou, Ya-Nan Wang, Chung-Shien Wu, Jui-Chu Yu and Chung-I Chen
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2017 58:57
  23. Soil respiration contributes to a large quantity of carbon emissions in the forest ecosystem. In this study, the soil respiration rates at three Taiwanese forest plantations (two lowland and one mid-elevation)...

    Authors: Yu-Hsuan Huang, Chih-Yu Hung, I-Rhy Lin, Tomonori Kume, Oleg V. Menyailo and Chih-Hsin Cheng
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2017 58:49

    The Correction to this article has been published in Botanical Studies 2017 58:60

  24. We studied the life history of Gagea graeca (L.) A. Terracc. (sect. Anthericoides) by field surveys on the Greek island of Crete, including quantitative analyses of 405 individuals, estimation of resource allocat...

    Authors: Martin Schnittler, Akmaral Nursafina, Angela Peterson, Jens Peterson, Carl Barnick and Anja Klahr
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2017 58:40
  25. Light availability may have direct effects on reproduction through resource availability, and indirect effects on female reproduction by influencing plant-pollinator interactions. Floral display size, pollinat...

    Authors: Guo-Xing Cao, Bi-Xian Wu, Xu-Jian Xu, Xie Wang and Chun-Ping Yang
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2017 58:24
  26. Soil organic carbon (SOC) and carbon (C) functional groups in different particle-size fractions are important indicators of microbial activity and soil decomposition stages under wildfire disturbances. This re...

    Authors: Yo-Jin Shiau, Jenn-Shing Chen, Tay-Lung Chung, Guanglong Tian and Chih-Yu Chiu
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2017 58:23
  27. Globally, ultramafic outcrops are renowned for hosting floras with high levels of endemism, including plants with specialised adaptations such as nickel or manganese hyperaccumulation. Soils derived from ultra...

    Authors: M. L. Galey, A. van der Ent, M. C. M. Iqbal and N. Rajakaruna
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2017 58:18
  28. The knowledge of the genetic architecture of closely related species and/or populations of a single species can be very useful to shed light on the processes that led to their current distributions. The presen...

    Authors: Anna Maria Palermo, Liliana Bernardo, Domenico Gargano and Giuseppe Pellegrino
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2017 58:1
  29. Soil organic carbon (SOC) stocks can be altered through reforestation and cropping. We estimated the effects of land use on SOC stocks after natural deciduous forests replaced by crops and coniferous plantatio...

    Authors: Chiou-Pin Chen, Kai-Wei Juang, Chih-Hsin Cheng and Chuang-Wen Pai
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2016 57:32
  30. As a highly valued and multiple function tree species, Cyclocarya paliurus is planted and managed for timber production and medical use. However, limited information is available on its genotype selection and cul...

    Authors: Yang Liu, Chenyun Qian, Sihui Ding, Xulan Shang, Wanxia Yang and Shengzuo Fang
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2016 57:28
  31. Understanding interspecific associations in old-growth forests will help to reveal mechanisms of interspecific replacement in the process of forest development and provide a theoretical basis for vegetation re...

    Authors: Zongzheng Chai, Caili Sun, Dexiang Wang and Wenzhen Liu
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2016 57:23
  32. The purpose of this study was to predict culm height development and to evaluate biomass accumulation and carbon storage in the initial growth stage of moso bamboos (Phyllostachys pubescens). A total of 30 bamboo...

    Authors: Tian-Ming Yen
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2016 57:10
  33. Timing of reproductive events has become central in ecological studies linking success in pollination and seed dispersion to optimizing the probability and periods of encounters with pollinators or dispersers....

    Authors: Shang-Yang Lin, Lien-Siang Chou, Bruno Di Giusto and Anthony Bain
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2015 56:32
  34. Bioclimatics is an ancient science that was once neglected by many ecologists. However, as climate changes have attracted increasing attention, scientists have reevaluated the relevance of bioclimatology and i...

    Authors: Chyi-Rong Chiou, Tung-Yu Hsieh and Chang-Chi Chien
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2015 56:26
  35. The dynamics of cambial activity and xylogenesis provide information on how and to what extent wood formation respond to climatic variability. The Lebanon Cedar (Cedrus libani A.Rich) is a montane tree species wh...

    Authors: Aylin Güney, Danielle Kerr, Ayça Sökücü, Reiner Zimmermann and Manfred Küppers
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2015 56:20
  36. Habitat fragmentation and the resulting decline in population size and density commonly reduce the reproduction of rare and threatened species. We investigated the impacts of population size and density on rep...

    Authors: Jie-Cai Zhao, Jun Luo, Chun-Ping Yang and Guo-Xing Cao
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2015 56:15
  37. Symphoricarpos, a genus of the Caprifoliaceae family, consists of about 15 species of clonal deciduous shrubs in North America and 1 species endemic to China. In North American tallgrass prairie, Symphoricarpos o...

    Authors: John Derek Scasta, David M Engle, Ryan N Harr and Diane M Debinski
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2014 55:80
  38. The bacterial community of forest soils is influenced by environmental disturbance and/or meteorological temperature and precipitation. In this study, we investigated three bacterial communities in soils of a ...

    Authors: Yu-Te Lin, Hsueh-Wen Hu, William B Whitman, David C Coleman and Chih-Yu Chiu
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2014 55:50

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