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  1. Trichoderma viride are well known for their biocontrol capabilities, but little is known about how they stimulate plant development and increase their resistance to salt stress. One of the main abiotic factors li...

    Authors: Rabab A. Metwally and Shereen A. Soliman
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2023 64:4
  2. Tomato plant (Solanum lycopersicum L.) suffers from numerous fungal pathogens that cause damage to yeild production qualitatively and quantitatively. One of the most destructive disease of tomato is Fusarium wilt...

    Authors: Amer M. Abdelaziz, Mohamed H. Kalaba, Amr H. Hashem, Mohamed H. Sharaf and Mohamed S. Attia
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2022 63:34
  3. Foraminispora rugosa is a species reported from Brazil, Venezuela, French Guiana, Costa Rica and Cuba. It is a basidiomycete in the Ganodermataceae family. In this study, both chemical composition and cytotoxicit...

    Authors: V. O. Garcia, M. Fronza, R. Von Borowski, G. Alves-Silva, A. R. Zimmer, T. Ruaro, S. C. B. Gnoatto, A. Dallegrave and R. M. B. Silveira
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2022 63:33
  4. The eggplant suffers from many biotic stresses that cause severe damage to crop production. One of the most destructive eggplant pathogens is Alternaria solani, which causes early blight disease. A pot experiment...

    Authors: Mohamed S. Attia, Amr H. Hashem, Ali A. Badawy and Amer M. Abdelaziz
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2022 63:26
  5. Medical plants confer various benefits to human health and their bioconversion through microbial fermentation can increase efficacy, reduce toxicity, conserve resources and produce new chemical components. In ...

    Authors: Yu-Pei Chen, Hong-Tan Wu, Ing-Er Hwang, Fang-Fang Chen, Jeng-Yuan Yao, Yiling Yin, Meng-Yun Chen, Li-Ling Liaw and Yang-Cheng Kuo
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2022 63:20
  6. Potato taste defect (PTD) of coffee is characterized by a raw potato like smell that leads to a lower quality taste in the brewed coffee, and harms the commercial value of some East African coffees. Although s...

    Authors: Amanda R. Hale, Paul M. Ruegger, Philippe Rolshausen, James Borneman and Jiue-in Yang
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2022 63:17
  7. N-acetylglucosaminidase (NAGase) could liberate N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) from GlcNAc-containing oligosaccharides. Trichoderma spp. is an important source of chitinase, particularly NAGase for industrial use.

    Authors: Jheng-Hua Huang, Feng-Jin Zeng, Jhe-Fu Guo, Jian-Yuan Huang, Hua-Chian Lin, Chaur-Tsuen Lo and Wing-Ming Chou
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2022 63:14
  8. Many groups of fungi live as an endophyte in plants. Both published and undiscovered bioactive compounds can be found in endophytic fungi. Various biological activities of bioactive compounds from endophytic f...

    Authors: Safwan Safwan, George Hsiao, Tzong-Huei Lee and Ching-Kuo Lee
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2021 62:18
  9. Changes of soil microbial communities are one of the main factors of continuous cropping problem. Andrographis paniculata has been reported to have replant problem in cultivation. However, little is known about t...

    Authors: Junren Li, Xiuzhen Chen, Simin Li, Zimei Zuo, Ruoting Zhan and Rui He
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2020 61:18
  10. Halophytes are better than glycophytes at employing mechanisms to avoid salt injury, but both types of plants can undergo damage due to high soil salinity. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) can mitigate the d...

    Authors: Jing Pan, Fei Peng, Anna Tedeschi, Xian Xue, Tao Wang, Jie Liao, Wenjuan Zhang and Cuihua Huang
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2020 61:13
  11. Acanthus ilicifolius var. xiamenensis (Acanthaceae) is an old world mangrove species and has long been used as a folk remedy for treating various ailments in traditional medicine. The nature source of A. ilicifol...

    Authors: Wei-Chiung Chi, Ka-Lai Pang, Wei-Ling Chen, Guei-Jane Wang and Tzong-Huei Lee
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2019 60:4
  12. Plant defense against their pathogens can be induced by a complex network of different inducers. The present study investigates the synergistic effect of Trichoderma harzianum, exogenous salicylic acid (SA) and m...

    Authors: Andleeb Zehra, Mukesh Meena, Manish Kumar Dubey, Mohd. Aamir and R. S. Upadhyay
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2017 58:44
  13. Termitomyces mushrooms are mutualistically associated with fungus-growing termites, which are widely considered to cultivate a monogenotypic Termitomyces symbiont within a colony. Term...

    Authors: Huei-Mei Hsieh, Mei-Chu Chung, Pao-Yang Chen, Fei-Man Hsu, Wen-Wei Liao, Ai-Ning Sung, Chun-Ru Lin, Chung-Ju Rachel Wang, Yu-Hsin Kao, Mei-Jane Fang, Chi-Yung Lai, Chieh-Chen Huang, Jyh-Ching Chou, Wen-Neng Chou, Bill Chia-Han Chang and Yu-Ming Ju
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2017 58:39
  14. Identification of natural antibacterial agents from various sources that can act effectively against disease causing foodborne bacteria is one of the major concerns throughout the world. However, the natural a...

    Authors: Jayanta Kumar Patra, Gitishree Das and Kwang-Hyun Baek
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2015 56:13
  15. Microorganisms capable of utilizing vegetable tissues for multiplication in soil were isolated, cultivated in liquid medium prepared from the same vegetable tissues, and tested for ability to activate resistan...

    Authors: Ching-Hui Yang, Mei-Ju Lin, Huey-Jen Su and Wen-Hsiung Ko
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2014 55:40
  16. The differentiation between wild type of Parachlorella kessleri and its mutant strains PC Mut2, PC Mut4 by using the Multi-functional Plant Efficiency Analyzer (М-РЕА-2) was studied. Mutant algal cells of P. kess...

    Authors: Marwa M Saleh, Dmitry N Matorin, Bolatkhan K Zayadan, Daria A Todorenko, Evgenii P Lukashov and Mona M Gaballah
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2014 55:53
  17. Mycorrhizal associations play a key role in the life cycle and evolutionary history of orchids. All orchids grow from extremely small seeds that are lacking in reserves, and germination and growth into an unde...

    Authors: Qiu-Xia Wang, Ning Yan, Da-Gan Ji, Shu-Yun Li and Hong Hu
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2013 54:23
  18. The in vivo infectious clone of Turnip mosaic virus (TuMV), p35S-TuMV, was used on plant pathology research for many years. To activate p35S-TuMV, the plasmid was mechanically introduced to the local lesion host

    Authors: Yen-Yu Lin, Meng-Mei Fang, Pin-Chun Lin, Ming-Tzu Chiu, Li-Yu Liu, Chan-Pin Lin and Shih-Shun Lin
    Citation: Botanical Studies 2013 54:22

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